Rank Tracker

Hassle-free, daily (not weekly) rank tracker. No proxies required.

Hundreds of organizations use Whoosh Traffic: From Fortune 500 companies to SEO agencies to top Internet marketers. And we’ve been delivering daily rank tracking results to satisfied customers since October 2010!

Rank Tracker

Tired of dealing with proxies, and clunky desktop software?

Frustrated with a rank tracker that only updates once-a-week (or worse: only when you log in and click a button)? Whoosh Traffic’s daily rank tracker to the rescue!

  • Our rank tracker is 100% web-based and offers daily rank tracking (not weekly rank tracking — which may cause you to miss significant changes in your search engine rankings as they happen!).
  • You’re automatically sent an email update every day with the status of all your SEO campaigns, and you can log in to your account at any time to see more details like graphs over time, and “last rank cache” — a unique feature, exclusive to Whoosh Traffic.
  • Whoosh Traffic is light-years ahead of older solutions that require you to manually manage your rank tracking, keep a computer on at all times, or (worse yet) search for where you are in Google by hand!

Guaranteed accuracy!

Our “Last Rank Cache” feature (unique to Whoosh Traffic!) allows you to view the exact page the rank tracker “saw” when searching Google for your keyword — proof that the rankings displayed to you are accurate and legitimate. And you can even easily send the page caches to your clients.

Import your keywords in less than a minute.

Quickly copy-and-paste a website and a list of keywords into our rank tracker, and we’ll import them all right away. Or, if you have many websites and keywords, use our bulk import tool to import your spreadsheet into Whoosh Traffic. (We give you a sample file—so you can pull keywords and sites from places like Google Analytics, for instance.)

Work easily with your clients.

With the ability to create sub-accounts, your clients can log in, see their own results, and receive their with their own daily email updates — saving you the time and hassle of reporting to them manually.

Coming soon

Run your own SEO tools business with Whoosh Traffic’s software to provide a completely white-labeled experience for your users.

Works in any country, any language—guaranteed.

We’ve built our rank tracker to be completely Unicode-compatible. That means your rank tracking works in any language, on any Google domain (like google.ca or google.co.uk or google.fr) and in any language on Google’s side. You can input Kanji or other multibyte languages into our system.

In fact, we have many Asia-Pacific customers tracking keywords in several different multibyte languages—tried, tested, and proven!

Quickly generate PDF reports for your clients.

You can even white-label your PDF reports with your own company logo, so your company looks like it has its own rank tracker!

NEW! — Zip code support.*

Google allows you to enter a zip code to track searches from a certain location. So, the word “pizza” in a search will be different depending on whether you’re in New York City or Seattle.

Our rank tracker now supports this—the first rank tracker on the market to support every zip code in the United States.* You can add as many zip codes as you like—they are attached to each keyword, not your account, so you can search “pizza” in 10 major cities for your pizza chain, for instance. This is unprecedented in this industry!

* International support for this feature is in development. Sign up and tell us which country/city you’re interested in tracking, and we’ll add it in!

Built from the ground up for scalability and reliability

We’ve been running our rank tracker consistently, every day since October 2010. We’ve built our rank tracker from the ground up, using dedicated bare-metal hardware with thousands of different IP addresses across the United States.

We have over 30,000 lines of code, and two dedicated full-time programmers on staff here in Austin, TX to make sure everything runs smoothly — no matter what.

“Our favorite feature is the ability to get rankings quickly, and the deep scanner is a life-saver because it truly finds all the different pages on our site that are ranking for a particular keyword.”

Alexander J.
Director of SEO at Gannett, Inc., a Fortune 500 company