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Erica Douglass

Erica Douglass CEO Whoosh Traffic

CEO + Co-founder

Erica is a self-taught technical whiz and successful technology entrepreneur. Growing up in a small town, she had no one to rely on to fix computers, so she learned how to do everything from building her own computers to creating web sites.

She started a web hosting and development company in 2001, at age 20. Over the next 6 years, she turned the business into one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known web hosting companies, hosting hundreds of the Valley’s most successful startups.

After selling her company for 7 figures and successfully exiting the hosting industry in 2007, Erica took a few years off. She transitioned her blog into a popular, thriving community of over 30,000 small business owners. She and her blog have been featured in major media publications like “U.S. News & World Report”, in books, and on hundreds of other blogs and websites.

Whoosh Traffic marks Erica’s re-entry into the technology industry and continued commitment to helping small businesses grow and flourish.


Parnell Springmeyer

Parnell Springmeyer CTO Whoosh Traffic

CTO + Co-founder

Parnell is an unusual man. Self-educated (in both the technical and liberal sense), he has been pursuing the art of computer programming and engineering since he was young; from working tables at restaurants to starting his own sole proprietorship (contract programming) and now building a startup–Parnell continues to innovate, deepen and broaden his skill set, and love what he is doing.

Being birthed (un)naturally into the world of web application programming by a midwife with name “PHP”, he began his programming career with an easy to learn language that had wide adoption.

Over the years Parnell has pursued an autodidactic path in computer science, alternative programming languages (Scheme – his favorite, Erlang, Common Lisp, &c…), and transitioning his web application programming environment and methodology to those of Python.

Eschewing the use of monolithic “do-it-all-for-you-with-a-dash-of-magic” frameworks, he settled on Pylons/Pyramid with his own spicy flavor of configuration and home-brewed libraries. In fact, the key application for Whoosh Traffic is built on top of Pyramid, uses virtualenv for environment isolation, fabric for a flexible and powerful deployment system, nginx for the production server, and nose for automated unit/functional testing.


Paul Bonser

Paul Bonser Lead Developer Whoosh Traffic

Lead Developer

Paul was born in 1985, and started to teach himself how to program on a Apple Macintosh Plus as soon as he was able to read the HyperCard manuals that came with it. He hasn’t slowed his passion for programming since.

In 2007, he graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Computer Science and has been working for web startups ever since. Having gained experience with PHP, Python, Erlang, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and many more languages and technologies, Paul is always excited to learn more and expand his talents.

Paul recently started working at Whoosh Traffic, and is genuinely excited to get to help build a modern, scalable framework using Python and Erlang, two of his favorite programming languages.

Outside of work Paul designs and builds electronics to make things beep and blink, as well as building and helping others build generally awesome things as a member of ATX Hackerspace.


Faye Hay

Faye Hay Support Specialist Whoosh Traffic

Support Specialist

Faye is a true, down-to-earth multitasking Project Manager. She is always searching for new ways to tackle projects efficiently and has an uncanny ability to analyze data and assemble the information into workable solutions. She is a tenacious researcher and prides herself in her problem-solving capabilities.

Having a diverse business and customer-oriented background, Faye puts her experience to use by providing high quality service. Her sense of humor and keen wit provides a reality check for even the most frustrating situations.

Faye is proud to be a part of the Whoosh Team committed to helping small businesses grow and providing excellent service.


Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko Support Specialist Whoosh Traffic

Support Specialist

Martin has been blogging for over four years now and has helped his readers conquer their money at an early age. Ever since late-2008, Martin has been building up his blog(s) through social media, word-of-mouth, guest posting, and by talking to anyone that will listen. His ambition and hard work from an early age has brought him on Fox Business News and even a feature in the NY Times. Martin’s passion for helping others also transcends to his writing as he writes at least 1,000 words per day in his quest to becoming as useful as possible in a world filled with noise.

Martin is now working with Whoosh Traffic to help you figure out exactly what it is that we do and how we can help you reach your SEO-related goals.


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