Get more traffic with less effort
using Whoosh Traffic’s proven tools.

Your business needs traffic to succeed. But how do you get a consistent, reliable source of high-quality traffic to your site?

Let Whoosh Traffic show you, step by step, how to get more traffic to your website, and then turn that traffic into some of the best, most loyal customers you’ve ever had.

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Three simple steps to more traffic…

Step 1 Find your “hidden profit” keywords.

“Keyword research” used to mean boring, hard work using a variety of tools that were poorly thought-out. No more! Whoosh Traffic shows you, at a glance, which keywords are likely to help you get more traffic.

Rank Tracker

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Better yet, Whoosh Traffic’s tools will show you the most lucrative keywords people are typing in to search engines—so you won’t have to guess what people are buying in your niche. Now you’ll know!

Step 2 Scope out your competition… and beat them.

Do you wonder sometimes how “that guy” beat you in the search engine rankings? Never wonder again, now that you have Whoosh Traffic.

Simply type your keyword in and we’ll show you a complete breakdown of who’s ranking for it… and how they got there.

Competition Analysis

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We’ll even show you tips on how to beat them, so you can start ranking for those keywords that you thought were previously out of reach.

Step 3 Track your progress and see your “wins”.

Included with your account, at no additional charge: Add your site, and any keyword that you want to rank for (or are already ranking for), and we’ll send you an email update every day with your current search engine rankings.

Rank Tracker

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Our rank tracker is also able to track your rankings by U.S. ZIP code (for local businesses) and in any country or language — even multibyte languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Hundreds of customers like you already trust Whoosh Traffic to help bring in floods of traffic to their websites. Give our breakthrough tools a try—and start seeing results today!

“Managing thousands of niche sites makes rank tracking difficult. Whoosh Traffic gives us the unique ability to track keyword ranking in the cloud — keeping historical data safe, and updating us with daily reports on our biggest movers.

“The staff at Whoosh Traffic has been exceptionally helpful and is even working on a few of our suggested features. If you need to track a ton of keywords and don’t want to be bothered with setting up complicated software, give Whoosh Traffic a try.”

Joe Magnotti,

Erica & Parnell, co-founders
of Whoosh Traffic.

About Whoosh Traffic

In mid-2010, an SEO expert and a software developer got together to build a suite of best-in-class SEO tools that could be used entirely through the Web, without downloading any software. That company became Whoosh Traffic.

Today, Whoosh Traffic serves everyone from Fortune 500 companies to top Internet marketers to small business owners—people who need more insight into where their traffic is coming from, and help figuring out additional opportunities for profitable traffic from search engines. We’ve enjoyed strong growth and amazing testimonials from the hundreds of customers we serve.

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